a protoyping breadboard with oled screen on it displaying a cat picure

Oled-js is a fully JavaScript driven library for controlling SSD1306 OLED screens for hardware projects. Write text, images, lines and shapes in real time.

a NYC metrocard styles printed circuit board

A couple of experiments in designing and producing functioning artistic printed circuit boards.

screenshot of electric io IoT dashboard

Electric IO is a web based IoT Dashboard compatible with Azure IoT Hub. It allows for fast protoyping of telemetry displays within a friendly interface. Written with web technologies, Vue, and using NodeJS as a backend.

a metal ring with a gear inside of it

Owl Posse is a 3D printed contemporary jewellery range designed by Suz Hinton. Inspired by a little bit of steampunk, and a little bit of fantasy, her designs surprise and delight those young at heart. The collection is now retired and unavailable for purchase.

front cover of Make: JavaScript Robotics book with robot featured on it

Johnny-Five is an open source JavaScript Arduino programming framework for robotics. This book brings together fifteen innovative programmers, each creating a unique Johnny-Five robot step-by-step, and offering tips and tricks along the way.

avrgirl - a library for Atmel chips and programmers

The avrgirl project provides a NodeJS alternative to interacting with AtmelĀ® AVR microchips. Compatible with a wide variety of AtmelĀ® products, and the Arduino platform..

screenshot of twitch channel video

A Twitch live coding experience, which guides viewers through what it’s like to write and maintain open source software for hardware and internet of things. Streams are weekly on Sundays.

a computer desk with monitor, laptop, and miscellaneous office items on it

Meow Machine is a blog dedicated to technical explorations and showcasing personal projects. Skewed towards educational content, Suz helps others understand programming, and creative ideas.